Adapter Brackets

Style 7
(Available for 1 or 1.5" Dia Tube)
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Connections using Adapter Brackets

Flat to Apex in Tri Flat to Apex up Tri
Flat to Apex up 8" Tri Flat to Box
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Base Plates

BP8F 8" Flat Base Plate
BP846F 8.46" Flat Base Plate
BP1059F 10.59" Flat Base Plate
BP12F 12" Flat Base Plate
BP1226F 12.26" Flat Base Plate
BP14F 14" Flat Base Plate
BP8T 8" Tri Base Plate
BP12T 12" Tri Base Plate
BP14T 14" Tri Base Plate
BP8B 8" Box Base Plate
BP12B 12" Box Base Plate
BP1226B 12.26" Box Base Plate
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Wall Plates

WP8F 8" Flat Wall Plate
WP846F 8.46" Flat Wall Plate
WP1059F 10.59" Flat Wall Plate
WP12F 12" Flat Wall Plate
WP1226F 12.26" Flat Wall Plate
WP14F 14" Flat Wall Plate
WP8T 8" Tri Wall Plate
WP12T 12" Tri Wall Plate
WP14T 14" Tri Wall Plate
WP8B 8" Box Wall Plate
WP12B 12" Box Wall Plate
WP1226B 12.26" Box Wall Plate
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Connectors, Flush Nuts & Screws

Cross-section showing nut
and screw assembled

Patent No. 5,078,0534

Connectors are available for 1 and 1.5" Dia Tubing.  They come with a set including one Flush Nut and one screw.   Flush Nut and screw sets are also sold separately.

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