Flat Truss

Flush Nut's Flat Truss can be integrated into your design with ease by using our unique adapter bracket sets pictured below. Flat truss can enhance your design both in appearance and function while keeping assembly time, weight and costs to a minimum.

When specifying flat truss, the horizontal mode cannot be used for any load bearing applications. Care must be taken also to avoid any torsional (twist) loading of flat truss. Whenever special conditions or doubts exist in determining load limits the user must consult with the manufacturer to engineer the proper load limits.

Many truss air frames are decorative only. If so, they don't really need the strength and expense of Tri or Box truss. Our flat truss corners and tees provide the modern hi-tech truss look while being very light weight and easy to pack and transport.

Flat truss to match the Tri or Box truss you choose.
Available in 2 through 10 ft. sections or to your specification.
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Corners & Tees

Corner Tee*
FA8-5 or FS8-5
5-Way Tee*
FA8-6 or FS8-6
*Note: These flat truss corners and tees are not recommended for
use where the straight runs between turns exceeds 8 feet.
Corner Tee**
FA8 x TA8-7 or FS8 x TS8-7
5-Way Tee**
FA8 x TA8-8 or FS8 x TS8-8
**Tri Corner and Tee with flat down legs are for use
where long horizontal straight runs are required.
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